Viral Video: Babaji kills it with his hilarious dance moves, WATCH

New Delhi: Someone rightly said, “Old is Gold.” These days internet or social media, to be precise, is full of hilarious videos that eventually set the trends. Most commonly, the ‘babaji’ videos do rounds on the internet, making netizens go ROFL!

Recently, a video is doing rounds on the internet. In the video, an old man is seen dancing his heart out at a function. The ‘babaji’ is hilarious with his dance moves and is seemingly enjoying to the beats of ‘Jila Karauli Ke Thane’ by Ankesh Mahar.

The video has been shared by a Twitter user, who wrote “after Jila Karauli Ke Thane, babaji’s super-duper dance,” when translated to English.

Have a look at Babaji’s dance video

लीजिए @bhadana_7ji जी आपके “जिला करौली के थाने” के बाद बाबाजी का सुपर~डुपर डांस

— Deva Karhana Gujjar (@Deva_Karhana) October 30, 2022

As soon as the video went viral, the reactions given by the netizens will definitely make you laugh. Let’s have a look at the Twitter reactions.

One user wrote, “Man gye guru.” While another wrote, “jay ho” with a laughing emoji. A third wrote, “Babaji even failed Ramdev baba.”

See more reactions here 

बाबा ने तो रामदेव भी फैल कर दो ये

— ऋषि/rishi Gurjar/गुर्जर (@rishi_obc) October 30, 2022

बाह भाई बाह मजा आ गया
धन्यवाद मित्रों राधे राधे

— parmesh yadav (@AshwinY51791567) October 31, 2022

ना बिलकुल ना ताऊ बिल्कुल मस्ती मे झूम रहा है कोई गन्दा डांस भी तो नहीं कर रहा है ताऊ।
उसे भी DJ पर झूमने का Shaunk पूरा करने दो न।

— NSG_Commandos_फैन (@NSG_Commando1) October 31, 2022

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