Victoria Beckham Reveals Why She Had Her David Beckham Tattoo Removed

Victoria Beckham is revealing why she had a tattoo removed from her wrist that featured the initials of her husband, David Beckham.

While appearing on “TODAY with Hoda & Jenna” on Thursday, the fashion designer shut down speculation that the tattoo’s removal had anything to do with problems in her marriage, and shared the “simple” reason behind the ink’s removal.

“I had these tattoos a long, long time ago,” explained Victoria, 48. “And they just weren’t particularly delicate. My husband has so many gorgeous tattoos and the children do and they’re very fine. And they’ve had them created by the most phenomenal artists, but mine were just a little bit thick and they were bleeding a little bit and just not looking as pretty.”

“They just didn’t look so nice,” she continued. “It doesn’t mean anything more than that.”

“I think that the media started to speculate: ‘Was I leaving my husband?’ No. I was just a bit sick of the tattoo. It’s as simple as that.”

Late last month, fans became concerned after the Spice Girls member posted a lipstick tutorial video on Instagram, per TMZ. In the clip, she swatched lipstick on her wrist, revealing that her “DB” tattoo had been pretty much completely removed.

A source later told TMZ that the tattoo’s removal wasn’t due to any problems within Victoria and David’s marriage, with the insider noting that the Victoria Beckham Beauty founder recently removed multiple tattoos, including the ink with David’s initials.

Victoria and David, 47, have been married since 1999. The couple shares four children together: Brooklyn, 23, Romeo, 20, Cruz, 17, and Harper, 11.

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