Two Policemen arrested for attacking each other with clubs

Weligama Police arrested two Police Constables who had attacked each other with clubs under the influence of alcohol at Udukawa, Denipitiya on Thursday (27).

They are attached to the Ambalangoda and Ahangama Police stations and are residents of Denipitiya.

According to the complaint lodged with the Police by the Constable attached to the Ahangama Police, the other officer had been consuming alcohol with few others beside the road leading to the complainant’s residence on October 24. Then he informed them to leave the place. Following this incident, the suspected officer had attacked the complainant with a club.

However, the officer attached to the Ambalangoda Police also lodged a complaint with the Police against the other officer stating that he attacked him under the influence of alcohol.

The duo had received residential treatment at the Matara and Ambalangoda hospitals following the clash. Considering the complaints lodged by the two parties, the Weligama Police had arrested both suspects and released them on bail. The case has been referred to the Mediation Board by the Police.

by dailynews sri lanka

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