THIS shopping website sells cheaper products than Meesho, Flipkart! Shop now

New Delhi: Everyone wants to buy products at an cheap price, and some fraudulent companies take advantage of this weakness of users.

Let us tell you that there are already online platforms for affordable shopping in the market, including Flipkart, Amazon and also Meesho and Shopsy, although there are some websites that sell items cheaper than these. You will be so surprised when you see their prices that it may take you a while to believe it. Today we are going to tell you about one such website that sells the cheapest electronic items.

Which site is this?

We found a site called Metamersh that offers a product at a very affordable price and the cheapest product on this site is only electronics. Their price is almost half of any product available in the market and sometimes it is less than half. So let’s know at what price the available products are available on this.

How cheap are the products?

Although there are hundreds of products available on this website, but if we talk about electronics or gadgets, then we have brought some selected gadgets for you and we will also share their price which is offered on this website.

If we talk about portable Bluetooth speakers then their price ranges between Rs 800 to Rs 1500 in the market but on this website they can be bought for just Rs 300.

If we talk about portable projectors available in the market then their price ranges from Rs 4000 to Rs 40,000 but the overall rate of projectors offered on this website is the same as the cheap recharge plan. Darshan is selling a high-quality phone-connected mini projector for just Rs 399. The price must have surprised you as this price surprised us too.

This is just the beginning, if we talk about some other products then 1000 mAh power bank is available on this site for only Rs 399 which is not available on other sites under Rs 1000. Finally, if we talk about the trimmers available in the market, then they cost up to Rs 1000, but this website offers you the trimmer for just Rs 500.

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