These Scary Movie Stars All Actually Hate Horror Flicks

Halloween is right around the corner and there’s no better time to tune into a scary movie. While it’s fun to have a little fright around the spooky season, it turns out that some of the actors in those horror flicks actually hate being scared! Quite a few scream queens and scary movie stars have admitted that they can’t watch their own movies because they’re just too frightening. And while horror may not be their favorite genre, it certainly makes their on-screen reactions all the more realistic!

Find out what these actors had to say about horror flicks…

1. Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis may be known for her role in the “Halloween” franchise but it turns out she isn’t a fan of horror movies at all. While it certainly makes filming a difficult experience for her, she says it actually helps create a more authentic movie because she’s genuinely scared.

“I scare easily…I hate these movies. I loathe them. I do not like to be frightened. So it’s a natural talent — that genuine emotional connection to being afraid. You’re watching that happen on screen,” she said at the Venice Film Festival in 2021.

2. Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt nailed her role in the “A Quiet Place” films but it’s not a flick she’ll be watching in her spare time. The actress says most horror films are too frightening for her and not her preferred viewing choice. When her husband John Krasinski was doing research before directing “A Quiet Place,” she says she refused to watch scary movies with him.

“I don’t enjoy horror, it’s not something I want to watch. I made it through most of ‘Get Out’ before I quit in the last bit,” she told the Associated Press.

3. Toni Collette

Toni Collette has reached scream queen status thanks to her roles in films like “The Sixth Sense,” “Hereditary,” and “Krampus” but it turns out that she very rarely watches them. In fact, Toni says she once bought “The Shining” on DVD but never took it out of its packaging. The actress says she’s just not a fan of scary movies and only takes the roles because she often finds them “challenging” and “complicated.”

“I don’t like horror films…I’m just too petrified to watch horror films!” Toni told The Guardian.

4. Christopher Lee

The late Christopher Lee wasn’t a fan of modern horror movies but it’s not because he was afraid. Before his 2015 passing, the legendary actor — who starred in films like “Horror of Dracula” and “The Curse of Frankenstein” — said that scary movies nowadays are just too over the top.

“I find it quite nauseating what they do. The blood is all over the screen like an avalanche — the mutilation — dreadful things, and I just don’t enjoy that…What you don’t see is far more frightening than what you do see,” Christopher told CNN.

5. John Krasinski

Like his wife Emily Blunt, John Krasinski wasn’t ever a huge fan of horror movies. He says he was always too scared to watch frightening flicks — but that all changed when he was approached about directing “A Quiet Place.”

“I never was a big horror guy, because I was just too scared. That’s the truth. Then these producers called me one day and said: ‘Would you ever act in a horror movie?’ I said: ‘I don’t know, I’m kind of a scaredy cat, but if it’s a cool idea maybe.’ And they said: ‘Well, the idea is that this family can’t make any noise and you have to figure out why.’ And I thought: ‘That’s as good a one-liner as you can get,'” John told The Guardian.

6. Jennifer Lawrence

Early in her career, Jennifer admitted she wasn’t a big fan of horror movies. She says she even took her role in “House at the End of the Street” to help her get over her fear of watching scary flicks.

“In real life, I’m terrified of horror movies. If I want to watch one, I have to plan out the next three months of my life, because I’ll know I’m going to be afraid of everything — afraid of the dark, afraid of my own shadow…I thought if I had the experience of actually being in one it would make me less afraid seeing them,” she told more! magazine.

7. Daniel Kaluuya

When Daniel Kaluuya auditioned for “Get Out,” he wasn’t interested in horror flicks. In fact, when director Jordan Peele gave Daniel a list of horror films to view for research purposes, he didn’t end up watching any of them. According to Fandomwire, Daniel reportedly said that he opted out of watching because he didn’t believe scary movies allowed him to get totally immersed in a story because he knew they were fiction.

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