SHOCKING! Woman cut into 56 pieces, couple cooks and eat it

New Delhi: A new revelation has come in the black magic case of Kerala. During interrogation, the accused couple of Pathanamthitta have told that after killing one of the two women, her body was cut into 56 pieces and then cooked and ate it. In Tuesday’s initial interrogation, the accused couple had told that they were in debt and had resorted to ‘black magic’ to get rid of it.

The three accused, including the couple, were produced in the Ernakulam District Sessions Court today, from where the court sent them to 14-day judicial custody. Disclosing the matter, the police said that the accused couple had earlier tortured Rosalyn and Padma by tying them up. During this, one by one the organs of women were cut and their blood was shed. In this way the couple had made 56 pieces of one of the two women. Some body parts have also been recovered from a pit.

Accused confessed their crime

The couple, Bhagwal Singh, his wife Laila and another accused, Mohammed Shafi, have been arrested, police said. All three have been sent to judicial custody for 14 days by the court. The couple has confessed during interrogation that after the murder, the women’s bodies were cut into pieces, cooked and then eaten meat.

Kochi city police commissioner Nagaraju Chakilam said we have to find more evidence in the case. He said that even today the forensic team will investigate. Nagaraju earlier said that the killings were brutal. The women were executed within 24 hours after both women went missing. The method of murder is so gruesome that we cannot even describe it. He said that one of the two women, Rosselin, was killed on June 6, while the other woman, Padma, was murdered on September 26.

This information was revealed in the initial investigation

Initial investigation has revealed that the couple was troubled by debt. He believed that doing black magic would end his debt, so he killed both the women and divided the bodies into pieces and buried them at different places.

Police said both the women were murdered by slitting their throats. After this his body was dismembered and then the couple buried the pieces of the dead body at different places. Police said that another accused Rasheed alias Mohammad Shafi is also involved in the case who helped the accused couple. According to the police, the third accused had reached the couple with both the women.

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