Sanitary Wokers go on INDEFINITE STRIKE in Tamil Nadu

New Delhi: Sanitary workers in Coimbatore are going on indefinite hunger strike. They have been demanding a revision in wages and abolishing of the contractual labor system. Large waste piles have started to accumulate on the city’s streets as a result of the strike.

Sanitary workers declare indefinite strike

Sanitary employees of the Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation (CCMC) have declared an indefinite strike, and as a result cleanliness in the city is bound to be impacted.

7,000 sanitary workers on strike

The CCMC employs more than 7,000 sanitary personnel, including 2,750 who work there permanently. The temporary employees demand that their pay be increased. The impact is harmful as it can cause spread of disease in the vicinity.

Seeking approval on 18 demands

The state administration is not paying heed to the demands of these people. The sanitary workers are sitting on an indefinite strike since October 2. They workers are seeking approval on a 18-point charter that they have compiled.

State unable to establish communication

The City Health Officer (CHO) Dr. Pradeep V Krishna Kumar tried to initiate discussions with the members of the sanitary workers’ welfare groups. However, the attempt to establish communication turned hostile. Following this, 10 unions came together to declare that were going to sit in on an indefinite strike.

Tamil Nadu | Sanitary workers in Coimbatore sit on an indefinite strike, demanding wage revision & abolishing of the contractual labour system. Large quantities of garbage pile up on the streets.

— ANI (@ANI) October 25, 2022

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