Rubber cultivators hit by price drop

It is reported that rubber cultivators are facing severe economic hardships due to a drastic drop in rubber prices when compared to that of previous months.

The price of rubber has recorded a gradual decrease over the last few months.

According to market sources, the price of a kilogramme of rubber sheet is around Rs. 320 at present. Earlier, it was around Rs. 640 or more than that. Besides, the price of a kilogramme of rubber latex has also come down to around Rs. 400 from Rs. 660.

Rubber cultivators have been facing severe economic hardship owing to this situation since the revenue is not sufficient to meet at least the operational costs. Rubber cultivators claim that they are not able to sell their produce as most of the traders don’t purchase rubber sheets or rubber latex.

When the Daily News contacted the Plantation Ministry officials in this regard, they expressed hope that rubber prices will see a gradual increase in the coming months.

by Daily News Sri Lanka

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