RHOBH Finale: Kyle Accuses Erika's Publicist of Leaking Kathy 'Meltdown' to Distract from Legal Issues

You know the classic horror trope that the harrowing phone call that has everyone terrified is coming from inside the house! That’s basically what happened on the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” finale.

Kathy HIlton’s alleged Aspen “meltdown” took center stage again, even if Kathy herself was so far from the stage she didn’t even appear in the episode. Nevertheless, the other ladies were determined to figure out how that got to the press.

“You don’t think it’s weird that at every event, every detail is being leaked to the press,” Kyle Richards asked Dorit Kemsley at one point. Dorit wondered out loud if it was one of them.

Garcelle Beauvais had her own theory, which was that this was all about Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne wanting to deflect attention away from Erika’s ongoing legal troubles.

“I feel like an opportunity has been taken advantage of,” said Kyle.

She wondered about leaks coming from their events, first in Aspen and then “a very, very reliable source” told her there were other leaks that weren’t published. And she was told it was coming from within their group.

While Garcelle was theorizing and Kyle and Dorit were talking it through, Sutton Stracke took the more direct approach, asking Lisa and Erika point blank if they were responsible — which they of course denied.

Then Kyle dropped the bombshell that Kathy had allegedly hired a private investigator who figured out that the leaks were coming from Erika’s publicist — or at least those from the Aspen trip — and that said leak included some false intel.

Calling it a “convenient” theory, Erika said in a confessional of Kyle, “Your sister made an ass of herself in public and everyone saw it. It’s really disappointing to see Kyle try to flip this back on me,” adding, “Let’s be honest, she’s afraid of Kathy.”

Lisa wasn’t buying it, either, calling the accusation “bulls—,” and saying that this was Kyle going to extremes to cover for her sister, just as the other women are speculating Erika and Lisa are going to extremes to deflect attention.

Erika further said that she uses the same publicist as Nicky Hilton, which would make it odd that she would want to possibly tarnish Nicky’s mom’s public image like this. But Kyle said she has the receipts to back up her claim. Will we see those at the reunion?

“I told you they were going to try and pin all this on us,” Lisa told Erika after leaving Kyle’s diamond-studded event where all of the drama went down.

As for the drama that allegedly happened in Aspen with Kathy, Lisa said she sent cease and desist letters and lawyered up, which is why they can’t really talk about it, nor can Bravo show the footage.

Earlier in the episode, Kyle was lamenting that things had gotten so tense between her and her sister. Even though Kathy did apologize for what happened, Lisa still thought she should get help, while Garcelle thought Lisa should maybe just stay out of this family affair. Sutton later echoed this sentiment.

But Lisa was going to do no such thing, going on about how she was so terrified by Kathy in that moment she locked herself in her bedroom. Did we mention that she was “shook,” because she sure did!

When Garcelle asked her why she and Erika couldn’t just let the whole thing go, Lisa shot back and asked her why she has an attitude. It looks like things are going to be kumbaya and hugs for everyone at the upcoming reunion. We can’t wait!

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