Regulations to ban import of harmful microtoxins in food

The Attorney General informed the Court of Appeal yesterday (27) that new regulations will be prepared to regulate carcinogens and chemical components harmful to the human body contained in food including coconut oil.

Additional Solicitor General Sumathi Dharmawardena, who appeared for the Attorney General, mentioned this when a petition seeking to ban the import of coconut oil containing the carcinogenic aflatoxin into Sri Lanka was taken up. The petition was filed by Secretary of the Sinhale organization Ven.Medille Pannaloka Thera.

This petition was called before a bench consisting of Justice Sobitha Rajakaruna and Justice Dhammika Ganepola ASG Sumathi Dharmawardena noted that steps will be taken to prepare new regulations to regulate chemical components called “microtoxins” contained in all foods including coconut oil. He mentioned that it also covers the carcinogenic aflatoxin contained in food. He also said that these regulations apply not only to coconut oil but to all food and beverages.

After considering the submissions made by the ASG, the court decided to fix the case for November 15 to consider the next steps to be taken regarding the petition.


by Daily News Sri Lanka

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