Professional committees to brainstorm on electoral reforms

The Presidential Secretariat has planned to hold a series of meetings to obtain the opinions of professionals to enact new laws on a number of issues including the Parliamentary and Local Government election systems, the effectiveness of political parties, the values related to the behaviour of MPs, the limits of money spent on elections.

President Ranil Wickremesinghe informed professionals about these matters last week and arrangements are being made to obtain opinions in this regard on a countrywide level.

Palitha Range Bandara, General Secretary of the United National Party, said that the professionals have been classified and prepared into committees for this programme which is carried out together with the United National Party and independent professionals who are not politicians will be included in these committees and initial rounds of discussions will be held from next week.

Among the committees that have been appointed to contain a number of groups of professionals including lawyers, doctors, accountants are separate committees that include young people.



by Daily News Sri Lanka

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