Police shoot at unruly persons inside hospital, one arrested

On Saturday the police had to resort to shooting in order to control a tense situation at the Hakmana, Ellewela hospital where three men intoxicated with alcohol had begun a brawl.

Two of the three had fled when police opened fire. The other had been arrested.

It is said that one of the men who ran away was injured due to shooting but so far he has not been admitted to a hospital for treatment. Police said there had been a wedding ceremony in Ellewela village and following a dispute there one person had been taken hospital with cut injuries.

The injured man had been brought to hospital by the three intoxicated persons.

The hospital doctor who examined the injured person decided to transfer him to Matara Hospital due to seriousness of injuries. There, the three drunken persons who brought him to the hospital had begun shouting and threatening the doctor not to transfer him to the Matara hospital.


by dailynews sri lanka

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