Over 215 million litres of alcohol consumed last year

National Drug Prevention Operations Unit Vice President Naleen Amarasinghe said 215 million liters of alcohol had been consumed last year in Sri Lanka. According to the data received from January to July this year, people have consumed 120 million liters of alcohol so far.

He noted this at a ceremony held Monday (3) at Sri Dalada Maligawa premises in Kandy to mark the International Temperance Day.

The event was organized by the National Drug Prevention Operation Unit of the Buddhasasana, Religious and Cultural Affairs Ministry to mark the International Temperance Day.

He said that it would be a victory if the number of liters of alcohol consumed by the people of this country could be reduced by a significant amount during the celebration of Temperance Day next year.

He said that it is not only the person concerned who suffers from drug and alcohol addiction, but the family members and the entire society.

by Daily News Sri Lanka

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