Mobile data running out quickly after upgrading to 5G service? Follow THIS to save it!

5G Mobile Data: 5G services have begun in various Indian cities. Users are overjoyed with the 5G service. However, many customers say that their data is rapidly running out. They claim that data is being consumed quicker than 4G. The reason for this is the network’s high speed. This indicates that people are using more data than before because their internet speed has improved. As a result of the increased speed, consumers are able to multitask and complete tasks swiftly. As a result, their data runs out soon.

Causes of 5G data exhaustion

Many consumers wonder why utilising 5G internet costs more data. Let us tell you that 5G provides a faster internet connection, allowing you to consume more material than previously.

In the year 2020, Open Signal published a research confirming that consumers’ data consumption had increased by 2.7 times with the debut of 5G, implying that more data would be spent on 5G networks.

Aside from that, your data will expire quickly owing to the programmes running in the background.

If you want your mobile’s data to last longer, you must make some changes in your phone’s settings, after which you can preserve your data.

Disable some phone settings

If you are using a 5G network and your data is depleting faster than on a 4G network, it is because you have some settings on your phone that you do not use, and your data is also lost. Is. In this case, it is critical that you disable all settings that you are not utilising. You can avoid losing needless data by doing so.

Reduce consuming online video content

Data use on your phone also involves watching more internet videos. It also relies on the quality of your video; that is, you will see the video according on the network strength on your device.

Aside from that, if your phone’s internet connection is slow, the video will play in low quality. However, if you have 5G internet access, the video will play in great quality due to the high speed of your internet. As a result, your data is quickly depleted.

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