Kiriella asks Gota to stop living off the public purse and go to a monastery

Chief Opposition Whip and SJB Kandy District MP Lakshman Kiriella Thursday called on former President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to stop living off the public purse and to live the rest of his life in a monastery or temple to atone for his sins.Speaking in Parliament on Thursday Kiriella said: “After inflicting so much damage and causing this crisis where people must live hungry, the former president lives in luxury in an official residence enjoying all perks and privileges.

“He is maintained by public funds. He has no shame. He should have gone to a temple or monastery to repent his sins. In India we see many politicians who go to ashrams to atone for their sins. He too should learn from them and do so without further wasting the people’s money.”

He added: “The SLPP government destroyed this country in three years. They gave all the powers of the prime minister and the speaker to the president. They turned MPs into a group of slaves and created a superman president with all powers.

“What did that superman do? He destroyed this nation and fled the country. Now he has come back to live on the public purse. He should not be given a state residence for the crimes he committed,” Kiriella said.

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