Kim Kardashian's Halloween Decorations Were Molded From Her Kids, Friends and Family's Hands

Kim Kardashian knows how to go all out with her Halloween decorations!

The 42-year-old SKIMS mogul showed fans a glimpse of her spooky setup this year in a new Instagram Reel on Wednesday.

“I decided to do a skeleton theme,” Kardashian explained and panned over to two large trees adorned with bone and skull decorations leading to her Hidden Hills home. She then revealed a display that featured a group of cloaked “creepy people” gathered around a bonfire.

Her “favorite” part of her Halloween display this year, however, was the sea of plaster hands along the walkway to her front door. Kardashian shared that she had thrown a “molding party,” where she had molded the hands of all of her friends and family to include in her decorations.

“These are my kids’ hands. These are my nieces and nephews’ hands. You can see some of our friends’ hands,” she continued. The hands were arranged to appear like zombie were reaching out from under the dirt.

The reality star also zoomed in on the mold of her own hand which featured long acrylic nails she was wearing at the time of the cast. Kim said she even enlisted her personal chef to be a part of her decorations and revealed that his hand was holding a butcher knife.

Looming over her front doorway was a massive arch made of skulls, as Kim noted that she had gone for a “more tonal palette” this year as all of her decorations were some variation of white, beige or gray … like most of her home.

As for the interior of her home, Kim showed off a cobweb-like structure which supported fake mummies that hung from her ceiling and her walls.

“We have a really creepy situation going on in here,” she said proudly while featuring the variety of bodies that were scattered throughout the foyer.

Fans rushed to the comment section to share their thoughts on Kardashian’s creepy decorations.

“Your sleeping in that house ???” one user asked and warned. “sleep with your eyes OPEN 😬”

Another fan joked, “Imagine When u have to pee in the middle of the night😂😮”

“catacomb with a k,” one person commented in reference to the skeleton theme.

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