Just a Minute of Hilarious Scares from America's Funniest Home Videos In Honor of Halloween

Next Sunday’s “America’s Funniest Home Videos” may air after Halloween, but they still have serious scares on the brain.

TooFab has obtained a clip from the upcoming episode, in which host Alfonso Ribeiro introduces a few “leftover scares” they have to share. “Which is just as cool as having leftover candy,” he says, before adding, “Actually, no, nothing is as cool as leftover candy!”

The minute long package includes a whole lotta jump scares, as people are spooked by their loved ones, coworkers and even a couple animals. A few rock masks as they frighten their family members, while some pets also wind up petrified by Halloween decorations.

Check out the footage below. “America’s Funniest” airs Sundays on ABC.

Need more Halloween goodness? Check out all the best celebrity costumes in the photo gallery below!

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