Indigo couldn’t take off from Delhi airport due to “engine stall”, says report

New Delhi: The Indigo flight, which could not take off from Delhi airport, had suffered “engine stall” that led a spike in the airflow resulting in a spark in the engine exhaust, as per DGCA sources.

A notice that an engine on the plane with 184 people on board that was scheduled to fly to Bengaluru had failed was followed by a tremendous noise. No one on board the aeroplane was hurt, according to regulator sources.

An engine fire forced the A320 ceo aircraft VT-IFM, which was carrying flight 6E-2131, to abort takeoff at this location’s Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA). Passengers safely disembarked as the plane landed in the bay.

Before the takeoff was cancelled, videos released on social media showed sparks flying and a fire in one of the plane’s engines.

The incident that occurred Friday night at 10 pm is being looked into by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

According to the inquiry so far, the “no. 2 engine stall” that caused the airflow in the engine to surge indeed happened. According to the sources, the surge caused a brief fire to appear in the engine exhaust.

The sources further said that the crew put out the fire in the No. 2 engine using one fire extinguisher bottle.

Arun Kumar, the head of the DGCA, stated earlier in the day that the agency will take appropriate follow-up action after completing a thorough investigation into the incident.

“The priority is to carry out a detailed investigation of the incident and ascertain the reasons for the fire in the engine. Fortunately, the fire was extinguished swiftly and the aircraft is now grounded,” he said.

Additionally, he mentioned that the IAEV2500 engine that caught fire. IAE International Aero Engines AG produced it.

“DGCA will do a detailed study to check whether there have been any such incidents pertaining to these engines before. After the investigation, suitable follow-up action will be taken,” he said.


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