Indian Railways announces mega safety campaign

New Delhi: Safety continues to be the top priority and is given the most care by Indian Railways. Zonal Railways have been instructed by the Ministry of Railways to begin a month-long safety campaign.

The huge safety effort will make sure that genuine procedures are being followed and that human aspects are being monitored.

All Zonal Railways must follow instructions from the Railway Board to ensure that officers in headquarters and divisions conduct a thorough inspection and that any flaws are corrected throughout the drive.

During the safety drive, each division must have at least one headquarter officer on inspection every day. In addition, a railway officer must be subject to night foot plate inspection in each main section of each division. The DRMs and ADRMs are required to inspect each section of each division. The ministry announced on Friday that the general condition of fixed assets will be evaluated.

This massive effort to increase safety by the Railway Board includes surprise station checks to ensure proper operational procedures are being followed as well as routine patrolling of all tracks (which should be observed on a daily basis) (no safety system is being ignored). In addition to this, alertness will be promoted among gate, station, and other operating staff.

It is important to note that the railways recently undertook a mission to clean up all 7337 stations as part of the Cleanliness Campaign (in keeping with the ideas of Special Campaign 2.0).

The ministry was informed that a specific emphasis had been placed on robotic cleaning of railroad stations. The hygiene of trains and railroad stations received particular attention. It’s interesting to note that the Ministry of Railways has already run over 7000 cleanup initiatives. They include workplaces including offices, train stations, shops, and others.

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