Human Rights Centres for all Universities mooted

The government has decided to establish Human Rights Centres in all seventeen universities to deal with  incidents pertaining to ragging and other forms of violence,Higher Education State Minister Dr. Suren Raghavan said.

The State Minister revealed this to the media yesterday during his visit to the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka (HRCSL).

He visited HRCSL to seek advice from its members on how to act regarding the ragging and other forms of violence taking place in universities.

The State Minister also stated that it has been decided to create a situation where these Human Rights Centres in universities can work together with HRCSL.

‘The recommendation of the HRCSL was to follow the existing laws. But what has happened is that most of the university students especially newcomers are afraid to come forward and make the accusation that they were harassed.They were scared to be back on campus after making the complaint. But, we urge these children not to panic and come forward to make their complaints. We are even ready to help those children to continue their education without any hazel, giving the opportunity to join another university in Sri Lanka, or send them abroad to pursue their education through government scholarships,’ he added.


by Daily News Sri Lanka

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