How Kyle Richards' Bond with Jamie Lee Curtis Has Evolved Since Halloween '78 (Exclusive)

It only took 44 years — and some serious love from “Halloween” fans — to get Kyle Richards and Jamie Lee Curtis back on screen together in “Halloween Ends.”

While Kyle did reprise her role as Lindsey Wallace — one of the kids Curtis’ Laurie Strode wound up babysitting in the original 1978 film — in last year’s “Halloween Kills,” the two didn’t actually have any scenes together. Though Richards was only supposed to appear in that outing, fan support following her face-off with Michael Myers led to the “Ends” script reportedly getting retooled at the last minute to bring her back.

And, yes, Lindsey and Laurie actually share the screen a couple times throughout the film this time around.

“I was so happy and so grateful,” Richards told TooFab about her return. “[Director] David Gordon Green had told me the script was already written, but they were going to figure out ways to put me in there. I’m not in it a lot, but I was just really grateful that they wanted me to be in the movie, and that they added me in. To be able to be there from the beginning to the end, you know, it means a lot to me, and I’m very grateful that people still want to see the movie all these years.”

While fans played a role in her return, she said she has been tempering expectations — telling them, “I’m not in it a ton guys … I’m there, but not a lot, just so you know.”

Richards said she and Curtis “had such a great time making this movie together” and were very excited to have each other as scene partners while they were filming.

“We’d be sitting waiting to do our scenes together at like 3:00 in the morning, and we’d be saying ‘Can you believe we are here together, still making these movies all these years later?'” recalled Kyle. “And you know, working with her as an adult actor, across from her, it just felt so great, and it felt so natural and so easy. We just loved it, and it was such a fun time that we were making these movies together.”

“Jamie always says we’re survivors of Michael Myers, and we’re survivors of Hollywood. And you know, all these years we’ve become closer and closer,” Richards continued, adding that they’ve really bonded over their shared support for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. “She’s an incredible friend. She’s very supportive.”

Curtis even sent Richards an extra boost of support after seeing the explosive and very emotional trailer for “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” reunion, which shows Kyle in tears amid a bitter feud involving her sister Kathy Hilton.

“She actually called me this morning. We both get up really early, like ridiculously early, like 4:30 in the morning. And she called me, and was like, ‘I saw the trailer for the reunion, and I cried.’ She said, ‘It really hurt me to see you like that. You are a good person,'” Richards revealed. “She starts giving me this pep talk, and she’s very important to me. She’s very special.”

Curtis has even appeared on RHOBH a few times throughout the show’s run, including a now-iconic moment in Season 12 where Dorit Kemsley fawned over some wind chimes the actress was selling via her My Hand In Yours company to raise funds for Children’s Hospital LA. Video of Dorit commenting on how “chic” the product was went viral.

“Oh we were texting, we were laughing, and then I sent her Brad Goreski, you know, when he did the reenactment that he always does on his Instagram. She was cracking up,” said Richards. “She was like, ‘This is crazy. Now, I get why the fans love your show so much, this is unbelievable.'”

“She got a little insight to that when she came onto the Housewives too,” she added, “She was like, ‘Now I get why people are so intrigued. I can’t believe this is all real. Like, you all are nuts.'”

Curtis will also appear on the upcoming reunion, which kicks off this Wednesday night.

“Halloween Ends” doesn’t just reunite Richards with Curtis, but also those damn bangs she made it clear she didn’t exactly love on RHOBH when she was filming “Kills.”

“David Gordon Green kept saying, ‘You know, you don’t have to cut your hair,’ and I was like, ‘No, I’m going to cut my hair,'” she said of working on the last film. “But then for this movie, I was like ‘I’ll take the hair piece.'”

She also said Lindsey’s nose piercing was totally her idea — something that came with its own setbacks.

“Halfway through the movie I was like, ‘Why did I want to do this?’ It kept falling off. I think I inhaled a couple. But it was just fun,” she added, before teasing her role as Laurie’s support system in the film.

“I figured this character has gone through a lot. She obviously has PTSD. She stayed in a small town, has been terrorized, and probably not wanting to leave the people she’s bonded with over these years,” said Kyle. “So it was sort of fun to play with that, and because my role was small I thought, ‘Right now, Lindsey is just really wanting to be there for Laurie and her granddaughter. She just lost her daughter.’ So that was my approach to the role this time.”

See Kyle in “Halloween Ends” when it hits theaters and Peacock on Friday, October 14.

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