Harak Kata’s key acolyte arrested in Sedawatte

Colombo Crime Division officials have arrested one of Harak Kata’s main acolytes who went to Dubai on a bogus passport and met Harak Kata and returned. According to the Colombo Crime Division, this underworld member named Lahiru Jayalath alias Saru Viduranga, a resident of Sedawatte, is an Army deserter.

This criminal was arrested on October 21, long with heroin. The Colombo Crime Division stated that based on the information disclosed by him during the investigation conducted under a detention order, a hand grenade and a flint-type firearm made in this country were also found hidden in a window under the New Kelani bridge yesterday (26) evening.

This man has been serving in the Army from 2008 to 2016, has become an underworld member after deserting the Army. He had initially worked as the money collector of Harak Kata’s drug network.

Later, on the advice of Harak Kata, on January 25, 2021, he shot and killed a person travelling in a three-wheeler at Panadura Pallimulla, and broke into a house on October 26, 2021 and shot and killed a businessman who was sleeping in the house. Further investigations revealed that he was also involved in shooting and injuring a person in Weligama on December 25.

Investigations have also revealed that this underworld criminal, who worked as Harak Kata’s mysterious shooter, was brought to Dubai on a foreign passport prepared by Harak Kata in the name of another person last March.

He said that he did not stay in Dubai anymore and came to the country on October 11 because he wanted to be with his wife and child. He has further mentioned during the interrogation that he did not meet Harak Kata after his release from custody and when he said that he wanted to go back to Sri Lanka, he arranged flight tickets.

Colombo Crime Division stated that this criminal will be produced in court today (28) as the period of detention is over.


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