Drug lord Harak Kata set free

Notorious drug kingpin Nadun Chinthaka Wickramarathna alias Harak Kata, who was in the custody of Dubai Police has been released on Monday (3), sources from Dubai said. He has been released allegedly due to the failure of the Sri Lankan authorities to submit the criminal records pertaining to him to the Dubai authorities on time. It was revealed at a meeting with senior police officers headed by the Public Security Minister Tiran Alles that the relevant files were with the Defence Ministry even by Monday (3). The file had been forwarded for necessary action to the Ministry by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) on September 18.

Accordingly, the minister had instructed the Secretary to the Ministry of Public Security to take immediate action to forward the relevant file to the Dubai Authorities for necessary action against the suspect. The file should be forwarded to the Dubai Police through the Sri Lankan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Harak Kata was arrested by the Dubai Police on an international red warrant that had been issued against him while he was attempting to migrate to Malaysia from Dubai on August 11.

By the time of the arrest, the suspect had been using a forged passport.

Harak Kata is a wanted suspect for large-scale heroin smuggling in the country and several murders committed on his guidance.Police sources say they seized large amounts of heroin allegedly trafficked by Harak Kata on several occasions during the past two-year period.

by dailynews sri lanka

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