Drew Barrymore Plays Dating Game on Howard Stern: Threesome, Fallon and Frisky Cameron Diaz?!

Drew is presented with four unseen bachelors in a genuine attempt to help her find someone — that quickly gets weird.

Drew Barrymore proved to be a good sport, and up for anything, when she took on a radio version of “The Dating Game” as a guest on Sirius XM’s “The Howard Stern Show.” Jimmy Fallon even got in on the fun!

With Howard acting as emcee, Drew was presented with the voices of four eligible bachelors hand-selected by Stern, his wife Beth, and the show’s EP, Gary Dell’Abate. Is that how a staffer from the show made the cut?

He was joined by a singer-songwriter, a Broadway actor and a comedian. So even though it was silly and for the show, Howard and his wife were sincere in trying to set Drew up with someone she might find a genuine connection with.

To help in that journey, they had some normal questions about things like relationship histories, and what they were looking for in their next relationship. But there was also some definite silliness along the way, too.

Howard asked them what they would do if they were on a date with Drew and she brought along her good friend Cameron Diaz, and then Cameron put her hand on their leg.

We were very impressed that all three of the men came at it from very different places, with Bachelor #1 suspecting it might be a test from Drew. Bachelor #2 also thought Drew might be in on it, but his mind went a dirtier place: “Are you looking for a little throuple– a little threesome action?” he speculated.

Bachelor #3 saying he’d give Drew a heads up about what was going on, while Bachelor #4 very passionately said that he’d curse Cameron out because touching without consent is not okay. Honestly, we weren’t sure if he was being sincere or trying to be funny.

Ultimately, it was just awkward — but not nearly as awkward as later, when Fallon jumped in with a quick video cameo to challenge the guys to compose and sing a song for Drew.

Bachelor #4 had his guitar handy and whipped out a full production. The writing wasn’t stellar, but he was fully committed to it and considering he had all of zero seconds to write, it we’ll forgive the clunky lyrics.

Bachelor #1 was clearly in a forgiving mood, because when he was asked if he could come up with his own song, he replied, “I don’t think so, but I could definitely– I could push her toward Bachelor 4.”

On Wednesday’s episode, Drew will reveal which guy she picked, and even chat with him about their experience being on “Stern” and what happened.

Drew admitted that she got pretty anxious about the whole thing, even going to a therapy session beforehand, while the guy shared that he’d told basically no one he was going to do this, so he got plenty of shocked reactions from his friends and family dating back 30 years!

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