Danowita gang shot at by Police had robbed two other shops - Police

Police investigations have revealed that the two robbers who were shot by the Police while fleeing after trying to rob a liquor store in Danowita and are currently receiving treatment at Ragama Hospital, came to Danowita after robbing two shops in Gokarella and Melsiripura.

They had robbed some goods worth around Rs.68,000 from the Melsiripura shop. Police said that the robber gang had stolen 65 tyres used for three-wheelers from Gokarella.

It has also been revealed that the two robbers had broken into a tyre shop in Kuliyapitiya the day before and stolen tyres worth nearly Rs.300,000.

Investigations have revealed that this gang broke into the liquor store and stole only a few bottles of liquor but had tried to take the safe of the shop where the money was kept.

They had tried to load the safe which had about Rs. 600,000 in cash to a van.

Police had arrived at the scene when the robbers were trying to load the safe into a van.It has also been revealed that these two robbers have robbed a number of shops around the country.

by Daily News Sri Lanka

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