Businessman murdered for chain, wallet

An owner of a business located on Puttalam Road, Kurunegala has been murdered inside his business place and the gold chain that he was wearing and his wallet been stolen.

It was revealed during the post-mortem examination that this 47-year-old businessman, a resident of Udugama, Wellawa had been assaulted on his neck with a blunt iron weapon and his windpipe broken. A top police official said that the chain which was stolen was worth about Rs.500,000.

Northwestern Province Senior DIG Lalith S.Pathinayake said this businessman was found fallen on the staircase September 28 leading to the second floor of his business building. Based on suspicion whether the death occurred naturally or whether it was a murder, the Senior DIG said that while reporting to court the facts of the case, a post-mortem examination was carried out and that it was confirmed on Thursday that it was a murder.

Police said investigations are being carried out to take the murdered into custody after examining security cameras around this place of business.

by dailynews sri lanka

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