Briana DeJesus Confronts Leah Messer for 'Mean Girl' Social Media Post on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter

While the stars of “Teen Mom” used to have to wait for the seasonal reunions to confront each other face-to-face, the new structure of “Teen Mom: The Next Chapter” allows for some of those tensions to be aired a helluva lot sooner.

On Tuesday’s new episode, Leah Messer, Briana DeJesus, Catelynn Baltierra, Amber Portwood, Cheyenne Floyd, Maci Bookout and Jace Cline met up in Florida for a glamping trip to celebrate Portwood’s birthday. Going into the getaway, however, Briana was worried about seeing Leah — as Messer had shaded her a bit on social media when the most recent reunion aired earlier this year.

When it aired, Messer seemingly called out both Briana and Jade for having “mean girl attitudes” which she called “disgusting” — and the getaway was the first time they had all seen each other since filming.

During a night out at a honky tonk bar, Briana filled Cheyenne in on how she was feeling when they stepped out for some air.

“This is my first time seeing Leah since the reunion. I don’t not like her but I will say I’m not friends with her,” said Briana, who reminded everyone watching that the girls all agreed not to go after each other on social media while filming “Teen Mom Family Reunion.” She added, “It’s not fine. It’s 100% not fine.”

“I don’t care for Leah,” she added, before finally confronting Messer about everything at the end of the hour.

“I feel like there’s not a sisterhood with everybody. When it comes to you, Leah, it’s a little forced. Some people, I can relate to more than others,” she said, adding that she was still open to having “a good conversation” with her to hopefully set things right.

She added that, at the time Messer posted her “mean girls” message, the two did attempt to hash things out in their Instagram DMs, but Briana didn’t feel “it went anywhere.” She explained that Leah said she felt “disrespected” while they were filming the reunion, but Briana wondered why they didn’t address the issue then — instead of waiting “months” for it to air.

“We could have spoke about it. We didn’t. I remember seeing you, you gave me a hug and I left to the airport,” DeJesus recalled. “So you wait until months later, the reunion airs and you go on this rant on social media. I feel like I can’t get close with you the way I am with everybody else.”

Even Cheyenne said she felt like Leah was the “hardest to get to know” of all the girls, but is always happy to see her open up. Leah, meanwhile, apologized for every making any of them — especially Briana — feel “disrespected.” She added she wanted to see them all succeed and said her “intentions are pure as f—.”

The episode ended with the two in a more cordial place — and even though Briana said she probably wouldn’t be calling Leah at 3:00AM to cry about personal problems, she was “open to giving a chance.”

“Teen Mom: The Next Chapter” airs Tuesdays on MTV.

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