BIG BREAKING: UAPA imposed Coimbatore car blast case

New Delhi: Stringent anti-terror law Unlawful Activity (Prevention) Act (UAPA) have been imposed in by the authorities in  the car blast case that took place in Coimbatore. The blast killed one in Coimbatore.

75 kg of explosives recovered

Almost 75 kgs of explosives were recovered from the residence of thr accused. As a result of this police officials have invoked UAPA in the case. One of the accused identified as Jameza Mubin died in the blast. The search operations proceeded for two days in which gave rise to these developments in the case.

Mubin was questioned for links with ISIS

The blast took place near a temple in Coimbatore in which Jameza Mubin died. He had earlier been questioned by probe agencies in connection to links with ISIS in 2019.

Raw-materials for making home-made bombs recovered

According to authorities, Mubin had two open cylinders while driving, and one of them exploded. Later that day, the police personnel found, “low-intensive explosive material,” such as potassium nitrate, aluminium powder, charcoal, and sulphur from the house. These materials are used to make homemade bombs.


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