Asian Paints Causeway continues to support ‘Masterstrokes’

Through their unique loyalty scheme ‘Masterstrokes’, Asian Paints Causeway yet again reiterated their commitment to the painters’ community across Sri Lanka when the company distributed worthy essential goods hampers recently to support them through the current tough times. As harsh economic conditions have begun to affect the livelihoods of many, this initiative was carried out as a fervent endeavour by Asian Paints Causeway to ease the burdens of their loyal painters who are mostly daily wage earners.

‘‘Painters are a segment of blue collar professionals whose silent service often goes unnoticed in the bigger picture. At Asian Paints Causeway, we have always engaged with them very closely and therefore we are aware of the negative impact of current economic conditions on their livelihoods. Although economic conditions have resulted in many restrictions to the business, as the market leader we remain committed to protect the business ecosystem and support the painter community with a whole heart’’ said Anuradha Edirisinghe, Head of Marketing and Activations of Asian Paints Causeway.

The Masterstrokes programme by Asian Paints Causeway was launched in 2016 as a truly unique loyalty scheme with hitherto unseen features, seeking to engage with the painter community on a much deeper level. Being a multifaceted programme, its objective was to empower the painters as professionals by guiding and supporting them in multiple areas such as skills development, knowledge building, good practices and financial management etc. Most importantly, the programme provided painters with a mechanism to gain a financial benefit for the purchase of each litre of Asian Paints Causeway products, facilitated by them.

The programme has been massively successful since inception with over 10,000 painters across the island currently registered under it. Throughout the past six years, Asian Paints Causeway have conducted many initiatives under Masterstrokes to elevate the status of painters as a group of professionals and to be a part of their lives in a meaningful way.

As the whole nation is scraping through the current challenges, Asian Paints Causeway believes in everyone coming together in unity and showing empathy and compassion towards one another. As such, Asian Paints hope to continuously protect its business ecosystem by supporting all its stakeholders, see through these challenges.

One of the top decorative paints manufacturers in the world, Asian Paints operates with manufacturing facilities in 28 countries and serving customers in 65 countries. The Asian Paints product portfolio in Sri Lanka encompasses a large spectrum of coatings and ancillary products in decorative paints, wood finishes, automobile OEM coatings and refinishes, marine, road marking paints, floor paints, roofing paints, waterproofing products and industrial coatings. Asian Paints production operations in Sri Lanka are ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified and the company is claimed to operate one of the largest R&D facilities in the industry with multiple laboratories devoted to cutting-edge research.

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