A tribute to the teachers of St. Joseph’s College, Colombo

30 October, 2022

St. Joseph’s College, Colombo 10, was founded in March 1896. On its 126th anniversary, which falls this year, I am delighted in penning down my tribute to all the respected and distinguished teachers, past and the present, who have worked laboriously to produce talented Josephians and make the College a leading School.

Dear respected teachers,

“Thank you’’ seems too short a word to express our gratitude to your good selves who have taught us. We are unusually indebted to all our parents, Rectors and teachers who have inspired, guided and moulded us. Much of our accomplishments in our lives have come from our association with your good selves. You provided constant enthusiastic encouragement and advice besides enhancing our knowledge.

You are amazing teachers and you only deserve the best. You are our sunshine and you have brightened our whole lives. You are the spark, the inspiration and the guide to our lives. You have sacrificed your good selves like “burning candles” and you have enabled us to travel through our life pathways. You have acted as the “sign posts” and showed us the directions for our lives.

You have cut and polished the rough diamonds and made us shine like sparkling diamonds. You have been “ladders” and professionally helped the Josephians to reach to the pinnacle of success in their chosen pathways.You have acted as well equipped “ships” and thereby taken us ashore. But you never continued with us thereafter in search of prosperity, rather you would get back and continue to develop and send across thousands of students ashore.

You have been a “lighthouse” and helped us in our journey of life. You have been shining like “lamps” and expelled darkness (ignorance) from us and provided knowledge, skills, attitude and inculcated those attitudes as habits.

You have been “bridges” and helped us to cross over to the greener pastures of life. You have been “great sculptors” who have crafted the Josephians as unique sculptures. We admire your dedication, discipline and determination given to your work and instilling the same values in us.

Your work with painstaking precision has produced a galaxy of multi-talented Josephians who are great assets to this world. You have made the students reach new heights for educational, sports and spiritual glory..

Your knowledge, competency, mastery and wisdom are astonishing and we were blessed to acquire those to benefit ourselves and society and our Motherland.

You are our pillar of success. You brought glory to the noblest profession and our educational institution. You are the “renowned educators” who have “transformed our lives”.

On this126th anniversary we wish your good selves success, joy, serenity, tranquility, peace and good health now and throughout your lives.

The writer was the chairman and editor-in-chief of the ‘Blue & White’ Newsletter Committee.

– Sunday Observer Sri Lanka

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