9 Times Harry Styles Absolutely Shocked His Fans At Live Shows

Harry Styles has not only earned his top spot on the charts, but also a top spot in fan’s hearts.

The “Music For A Sushi Restaurant” performer makes sure to extensively interact with his adoring followers during his live shows. It’s a segment fans look forward to as much as his singing.

Here are 9 hilarious and adorable times Harry Styles interacted with fans.

“Were You Driving Earlier Today?”

For many Styles stans it would be a dream to pull up next to him on the freeway. Harry thought this one fan did, but he confused her with someone who flipped him off. He had a joking tone when he accused her of being the road rage driver and quickly calmed the crowd before they could get too rowdy. Watch the moment below!

2. “It’s Real”

Harry Styles is not the most social media savvy celebrity, but that did not stop him from participating in this fan’s BeReal. BeReal is a social media app that sends out alerts of when one is supposed to post. A user should take a picture no matter what they are doing as the front and back camera go off simultaneously. Styles had a little trouble understanding the app’s timer, as he grimaces at the photo and says “it’s real” before tossing the phone back to the fan.

3. “My Dad’s On A Date”

A Harry Styles concert is for many an unforgettable experience, and this fan’s dad figured it would be a great way to impress his girlfriend. A sign in the pit read “my dad is on a date in section 200,” which resulted in Harry postponing the next song, locating section 200 as he screamed for “Thomas,” before launching into a multitude of questions for the said father. During the majority of this interaction, Thomas was projected onto the big screen for the whole arena to see. The couple will probably never forget that particular evening out.

4. “Come Off It, Henry”

Love on Tour 2022 kicked off in Manchester this past June, and the signs did not disappoint. A fan in the front row wrote on a piece of paper that her boyfriend broke up with her 1 hour before the show. The singer was shocked and became even more appalled when he learned the breakup occurred over text. After learning the ex’s name was Henry, he had the whole audience scold him with the phrase “Come off it. Henry.” Styles made additional comments such as claiming Henry was acting like a 6-year-old and he couldn’t believe “the audacity” of some people.

5. “Tina, She’s Gay”

This is one of the most iconic and most well-known fan interactions that paved the culture of Harry interacting with his fans. In 2018, a fan named Grace wrote a sign saying how the British singer is helping her come out to her parents. Harry then asks her mother’s name and where her mother was (her name was Tina and she was in a hotel room 4 miles away). Styles then quieted the arena and proudly screamed “Tina, she’s gay,” joking that Tina would be able to hear him. Check out the adorable bonus video where Grace shows up to a concert at the following tour, and he recognizes her!

6. “Just Do It”

Imagine being pressured by Harry Styles to do something. That was exactly what this boyfriend experienced at a Chicago show because his girlfriend brought a sign that said “convince my boyfriend to propose to me.” The sign caught Styles’ attention, and he asked how long the couple had been together, if they loved each other, were they best friends, and more. Styles ended the interaction by repeatedly telling the fan’s boyfriend to “just do it.”

7. “I Know Everything.”

Gender reveals are a controversial topic, but no one can deny this one is very unique. This fan got Harry Styles to open the letter revealing her baby’s sex in the middle of his show. The singer loved the experience and basked in the fact he held coveted information. He played ominous music, stalled, and even had fans do a countdown before revealing the future fan’s sex.

8. “What Is Happening?”

There seems to be a belief among Styles’ stans that the more dramatic one’s sign at a live show, the better chance Harry will notice you. However, one night at Madison Square Garden this resulted in a sea of signs sharing some type of bad news or trauma, and Harry was flabbergasted.

9. “Skipped Daycare To Be Here”

One can never be too young to become a Harry Styles fan, and this little girl proves that. Her mom made her a sign that said “skipped daycare to be here,” and the “Late Night Talking” artist could not get enough of it. He cooed over the fan’s tiny thumb after giving her a thumbs up, even asking her name and wishing her a good time at the show.

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