9 Stars Who Were Caught Up In Very Public Cheating Scandals

Celebrities live their life in the public eye, which means that fans often know all the ins and outs of their personal relationships. With their romances in the spotlight, it’s almost a guarantee that the public will find out when things go awry. But despite fans watching every move of their favorite celeb, some stars still think they won’t get caught cheating. Much to their surprise, some of these unfaithful stars have been captured on camera or in the DMs — and the public doesn’t waste any time calling them out for their wrongdoings.

Find out which stars publicly got caught cheating…

1. Adam Levine

Adam Levine recently got called out by Instagram model Sumner Stroh, who alleged that she had been having a year long affair with the singer. In a TikTok, Sumner shared evidence of their communication and even claimed that Adam asked if he could name his child after her. When her video went viral, Adam didn’t quite shut down her claims. Instead he admitted that he had “crossed a line.”

“I used poor judgment in speaking with anyone other than my wife in ANY kind of flirtatious manner. I did not have an affair, nevertheless, I crossed the line during a regrettable period of my life. In certain instances it became inappropriate. I have addressed that and taken proactive steps to remedy this with my family,” Adam wrote.

2. Ned Fulmer

“Try Guys” co-founder Ned Fulmer was caught cheating on his wife during a trip to New York with a producer from the show’s team. Fans spotted and photographed Ned and the producer showing PDA at a bar and sent the evidence to Ned’s wife. When the accusations were made public by fans, Ned didn’t deny that he had been in a relationship with the producer. Ned was effectively removed from “The Try Guys” and he issued an apology to fans and his family.

“Family should have always been my priority, but I lost focus and had a consensual workplace relationship. I’m sorry for any pain that my actions may have caused to the guys and the fans but most of all to Ariel. The only thing that matters right now is my marriage and my children, and that’s where I am going to focus my attention,” Ned wrote.

3. Tristan Thompson

Khloé Kardashian’s ex Tristan Thompson has often made headlines because of his infidelity — and he’s been caught on camera on multiple occasions. Just days before Khloé gave birth to their daughter True, footage was released of Tristan allegedly cheating on her with multiple women. Then, months later, Tristan was caught again getting cozy with Kylie Jenner’s former BFF Jordyn Woods. While Tristan didn’t say much about the incident, Khloé ended their relationship and the Kardashian family cut ties with Jordyn.

The two, however, got back together … only for him to then hide a paternity scandal from her.

4. Kristen Stewart & Rupert Sanders

Kristen Stewart was in a long-term relationship with Robert Pattinson when she was photographed making out with her married “Snow White and the Huntsman” director Rupert Sanders. Both Kristen and Rupert issued a public apology following the incident but neither of their relationships survived. Rupert and his wife divorced and Kristen and Robert eventually called it quits.

“I’m deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I’ve caused to those close to me and everyone this has affected. This momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob. I love him, I love him, I’m so sorry,” Kristen said in a statement.

5. Katharine McPhee & Michael Morris

Katharine McPhee was once captured sharing a kiss with the married director of her show “Smash,” Michael Morris. At the time, Katharine was also married to her first husband, Nick Cokas — although it was later revealed that they had reportedly separated months prior to the scandal. The couple ended up filing for divorce several months later while Michael and his wife Mary McCormack remained married.

6. Scott Disick

Throughout Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian’s rocky relationship, Scott was accused of cheating on multiple occasions. Things came to a head in July 2015 when photos surfaced of Scott getting cozy with his ex-girlfriend Chloe Bartoli on a yacht. Kourtney, who was at home with the couple’s three children, reportedly was not happy — and the couple split shortly after.

7. Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant was in a relationship with Elizabeth Hurley when he was caught by police with a sex worker in his car. He was arrested on charges of “lewd conduct in a public place” — and the news immediately made headlines. The following morning, he issued a public apology to Elizabeth, whom he continued to date for five more years.

“Last night I did something completely insane. I have hurt people I love and embarrassed people I work with. For both things I am more sorry than I can ever possibly say,” he wrote.

8. LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian were both married to other people when video security camera captured the duo holding hands and kissing on a romantic dinner date. Shortly after their affair made headlines, they split from their partners and began to pursue a relationship with one another. The couple eventually tied the knot and, looking back, she says she regrets the way she chose to leave her first marriage.

“My relationship with Dean was great, but ultimately it wasn’t a fulfilling marriage for either of us. We got married so young: I was 19 and he was 21, so as we got older, we grew apart. I understand why people are disappointed in me, especially since I grew up as America’s sweetheart… I think any relationship is hard to get out of, and I don’t think the way I did it was right,” LeAnn said.

9. Jason Aldean

In 2012, Jason Aldean was photographed kissing “American Idol” alum Brittany Kerr while he was still married to his first wife Jessica Ussery. Jason owned up to the cheating allegations, telling fans that he “screwed up” during a night of drinking.

“I had too much to drink, let the party get out of hand and acted inappropriately at a bar. I left alone, caught the bus to our next show and that’s the end of the story. I ultimately ended up embarrassing my family and myself. I’m not perfect, and I’m sorry for disappointing you guys. I really appreciate being able to work through this privately with my family and for all your continued support,” Jason wrote on his Facebook.

Jason and Jessica ended up calling it quits the following year and in 2014, Jason began dating Brittany. The couple tied the knot in 2015.

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