14th Cargills Village to Home

The Cargills Village to Home programme supports the country’s small and medium entrepreneurs (SMEs) by providing them with a platform to engage with a larger network of customers.

As a company which has continuously engaged with and invested in rural agricultural communities across Sri Lanka, Cargills launched this programme, initially in September 2020, in the aftermath of the pandemic, to provide local SMEs, who had lost access to markets, with a platform to showcase their products. In addition, Cargills leverages its vast expertise in product development, marketing, and finance to support local entrepreneurs improve their product offerings. The Cargills Bank provides financing and banking assistance to the SMEs. The programme has been able to open exports markets for certain SMEs while some have become listed suppliers at Cargills Retail outlets due to their popularity.

The 14th Cargills Village to Home was held on the 1st and 2nd of October 2022 at the Bauddaloka Mawatha Cargills Food City premises, with an interesting array of traditional Sri Lankan food and handicrafts.

Among the SMEs featured this week was young Sasindu Thathsara from Bibile, Monaragala. Sasindu is the developer of a water filtering system known as Mannussakama, aimed at providing clean drinking water at a reasonable price to those struggling to find safe drinking water. His innovation is inspired by the challenges faced by people in his hometown to find clean drinking water. Kandy handicrafts by Asanka Priyalal was also featured in this programme. Asanka markets a variety of coconut shell products, as well as Batik fabric-covered notebooks. Saman Dhammika was another entrepreneur who was part of the programme this time, marketing his household cleaning products Derma Care. His products included bathroom cleaners, hand wash, and tile cleaners. Mauli Creations marketed products such as bedsheets, tablecloths, and clothing made from batiks and handlooms. The rural township of Manikhinna Kalasirigama also participated in the 14th Cargills Village to Home programme displaying their handicrafts, made out of Hana plants. including bags, table mats, pouches, wall hangings, mats.

Earth and Fire by Dumindu had several interesting types of pottery and jewellery.  Nalin Kumara’s Healyo products included natural bee honey, bottled food items made of kochchi, sesame, and garlic. UNIQ Ayurvedic cosmetic products by Naomi Perera, a young female SME, showcased various types of unique ayurvedic cosmetic items. Sugar Galaxy by Dennis Thushanthani, a business that produces cakes, sweets, and traditional Tamil food items was also present. Rusteaks Wooden Décor by Shehara Fernando showcased wooden decorations made out of scrap wood. Derani plants by Himashi Ranasighe, another young female SME, had several types of flowers and vegetable plants, seeds, and organic fertilizer. Two Cargills Lak Bojun SMEs also participated providing healthy, traditional, Sri Lankan breakfast meals for customers who visited the event.


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