Wild elephant population increases, tuskers dwindle

The Wildlife Department states that the wild elephant population in Sri Lanka has now increased to exceed 7,000.

So far, the number of wild elephants in Sri Lanka was said to be around 5,600.

But according to recent calculations, the Wildlife Department stated that the wild elephant population in Sri Lanka had exceeded 7,000 in a discussion held with the Agriculture, Wildlife and Forest Resources Conservation Minister Mahinda Amaraweera.

A decrease in the number of tusk elephants in Sri Lanka is also reported. The Department of Wildlife also stated that the number of tuskers in Sri Lanka’s forests is currently 142.

Recently, the media had published that about 350 wild elephants roaming around Minneriya, Girithale and Parakrama Samudraya are missing.The Minister made an inquiry from the Wildlife Department of this. Wildlife officials emphasized that since Giritale, Minneriya and Parakrama Samudra were full throughout this year, and the wild elephants have migrated to other areas in search of food.

It was also revealed that due to this migration to other areas, the damage caused by wild elephants to the people in those areas has increased.

by Daily News Sri Lanka

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