Ways to keep calm night before UGC NET 2022 phase 2 exam

UGC NET 2022 phase 2 exam: As the UGC NET exam will begin tomorrow, it is necessary not to panic and keep calm to appear in the exam with a sound mind. To achieve that, candidates can follow these ways so that they can perform better in the exam.

1. Revise everything theoretically

A day before the exam, candidates can revise everything theoretically, this will help in remembering most of the answers during the exam. Candidates are advised to cover their whole syllabus a week before the exam.

2. Get Enough Sleep

The most common mistake that every candidate makes during exam days is not getting enough sleep. To feel fresh and relaxed, candidates should take at least 6-7 hours of sleep before the exam.

3. Focus on positive thoughts

Candidates are advised to focus on positive thoughts instead of panicking one day before the exam. Positive thoughts can lead to good marks and help to stay focused on the exam.

4. Listen to calm music

To make the mind relax and avoid overthinking, candidates are advised to listen to calm music on repeat mode. This will help candidates to keep their minds open and relaxed.

5. Do exercise to reduce anxiety

Exercises like walking, jogging, biking, swimming, and dancing can help to focus the mind away from stress. It also helps to increase confidence, foster more social interaction, and provide healthy ways to manage stress.

6. Have a nice cup of tea/coffee

Candidates can take a warm cup of tea or coffee, which will help to reduce anxiety and feeling of stress and nervousness. The warm liquid, the sip and the effects of tea/coffee help to calm the spirits of every student.

7. Meditate to calm yourself

Prayers and meditation can be quite effective in boosting feelings of calm and peace especially when a candidate is a religious, spiritual, or a person of faith. It can help in decreasing anxiety and nervousness.

8. Take hand and head massage

Studies have proven that hand and head massages can be a quick, inexpensive, and easy way to calm exam stress because they do lots of work during exam days.

9. Eat healthily

It is mandatory to follow a strict diet because a good diet can help to handle the stress of preparing and taking exams. According to experts, diet and nutrition play an important role in managing anxiety.

10. Going out can help you relax

Sitting at home all day can be depressing for anyone especially when a person is preparing for exams. Candidates are advised to take some time out and go around to feel better and relaxed.


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