Teachers’ Day 2022: 15 best affordable gifts for your teacher

Teachers’ Day 2022: Teachers’ Day is celebrated every year on September 5 and they play a very important role in student’s life. This day marks the birth anniversary of the first Vice President and second President of India, Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

Now, Teachers’ day is around the corner and everyone must be thinking about what they should get for their favourite teachers.

Here are a few gift ideas that will be affordable and perfect for teachers.

1. Books

Books will be the perfect gift for your teacher as many of them love reading them and especially when the book is of the author they admire the most.

2. Pack of chocolates

Another best gift for your teacher is as everyone loves cholates and they will enjoy eating a pack of chocolate.

3. Pen Set

It is always useful for teachers. You can get them a fancy or simple pen set.

4. Customized Gift Pack

Collect many things which your teacher like and then pack them together as a gift pack. Things like a pen, a diary, a greeting card, and many more.

5. Pen Stand

A teacher has lots of pens to carry but if you choose to give them a nice pen stand will be more special to them.

6. Greeting Cards

Give one greeting card to your teacher will be nice and sweet. This is something you can make at home or buy from the local market.

7. Tea or Coffee Mug

Another decent gift idea is a tea or coffee mug. It is affordable and will be liked by your teacher.

8. Small Plants

Many people love plants and if your teacher loves them too then give them a small plant on the occasion of Teachers’ day.

9. Diary

A teacher always needs a diary to write down important dates and notes. A nice and beautiful diary will be perfect for them.

10. Cake

On this special occasion, take a delicious and beautiful cake for the teacher.

11. Watch

A watch is a very decent and useful gift for your teacher because it is something everyone needs.

12. Photo Frame

On this occasion, give your teacher a beautiful photo frame with a nice photo with them.

13. A Hand-written Note

Giving small-small handwritten notes will be the sweetest thing that your teacher will receive from you.

14. Perfume

Without any hesitation, gift them a good perfume which will cheer them all day.

15. Photo Collage

Take out some printouts of photos with your teacher and foam them in collage, they will love the efforts you will make.

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