Shameful! ‘Mama’ visits sister’s house, rapes 20-yr-old ‘bhanji’, records videos, threatens to kill

Gwalior: In a shocking incident in Madhya Pradesh’s Gwalior, a man sexually assaulted his own niece, blackmailed her, and threatened to kill her. When his sister discovered that her brother had robbed the honour of her family, the ground shifted beneath her feet. The brother who came to meet the sister had a bad eye for the niece and made her a victim of his lust. Not only that, but he threatened to kill her.

On the day of the incident, the victim ‘bhanji’ was unable to speak in the house. However, when she discovered that her maternal uncle had sent her a pornographic video, she told the story of her parents’ cruelty.

The victim, a 20-year-old resident of Gwalior, told police that ‘mama’ had visited the house a few days ago. Mother and father had gone to the market at the time. She went to her room after serving water to the maternal uncle. He then sneaked into her room, blinded by lust.

Taking advantage of the situation, he attempted to impose himself on the niece. When the girl objected, her maternal uncle threatened her with death. Following this, he raped and took obscene photos and videos.

The uncle threatened the victim that if she told anyone about it, the video and picture would go viral. Following that, the girl did not play tongue.

However, when the accused sent obscene photos and videos to the victim’s phone two days later, she became terrified and told her family members. Following that, her parents took her to the police station and filed a rape complaint.

The police have opened an investigation. Everywhere is being searched for the accused Morena resident. In addition, the girl’s medical has been completed. According to police, a case has been filed and an investigation is underway.

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