Rubina turns Pushpa, marry husband’s friend after receiving ‘triple talaq’

New Delhi: A Muslim woman was thrown out from her house on the basis of triple talaq given to her by her husband. She went on to become Pushpa and married her lover as per Hindu rituals. The woman married her husband’s friend on Friday. She was involved with the man since last four years.

Rubina marries as per Hindu customs

Rubina Khan alias Pushpa who hails from Halwani was a victim of triple talaq. She went on to marry her lover Prempal Gangwar who is a resident of Nawabganj, Bariely. She married him in accordance to Hindu customs. It is being told her new husband is a friend of her old husband.

Rubina and Shoaib had a love marriage

9 years ago Rubina had a love marriage with her husband Shoaib. She is a resident of Rampur while Shoaib is from Haldwani. Shoaib works as a driver. They both have three sons. Rubina alleges that her husband used to beat her every day and used to suspect that she talks to someone. On the pretext of this, Shoaib divorced her through triple talaq and threw her out of home.

Rubina turned Pushpa and married Prempal

Following this Rubina reached Bariely and married her lover Prempal Gangwar. The marriage took place late on Friday evening. The new husband of Rubina is being said to be a friend of her old husband. It is being told that Shoaib and Prempal are drivers. They both used to drive together and became friends. During this time Rubina and Prempal were indulged in a love affair and both of them were behind the back of Shoaib.

As soon as Shoaib came to know that she talks to someone else, both of them started quarreling. Rubina alleges that a week ago her husband threw her out of the house by saying triple talaq.

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