Missing Pera student’s body found

The body of the fourth year student of the Peradeniya Universities Arts Faculty who was reported missing, was found yesterday (21) afternoon at a place not far from the Hakkinda islet in the Mahaweli River. 

His parents had lodged a complaint with the Peradeniya Police on September 16 saying that their son had gone missing while he was studying for a special degree in Psychology at Psychology Department of the University.

A letter written by the student before leaving the hostel in Neddeniya area has been found and he has stated in the letter that he was going to the Mahaweli River. Police and university students began searching the banks of Mahaweli River for many days after police found his laptop, spectacles, purse and mobile phone left at the hostel.

Police said that the body of the student was swollen due to being in the water for a number of days. His body has been identified as he was wearing a blue t-shirt and brown trouser provided by the university.


by Daily News Sri Lanka

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