Millie Bobby Brown and Mariah Carey Recreate 'Honey' Music Video Opening in Adorable TikTok

Things were getting pretty intense in Mariah Carey’s latest TikTok, as  Millie Bobby Brown was getting all up in her face with plenty of attitude.

It’s nothing to worry about, though, as it’s just the queen celebrating the 25th anniversary of one of her biggest hits with an assist from the “Stranger Things” star.

Back in ’97, Carey was a kidnap victim for the opening sequence of the music video. And while it was played for (campy) reals in the original video, it was all camp and comedy for this anniversary recreation.

Brown went all in, lip syncing to the dastardly dialogue of her kidnapper character, with an able assist from boyfriend Jake Bongiovi.

Later, Mariah’s twins with Nick Cannon, Monroe and Moroccan, got some meaty lip sync dialogue of their own as they shouted for their mother to “go eat a buffet.”

Tragically, while the music video goes on to showcase “Agent M” and her dramatic escape from these would-be kidnappers with an epic high dive into a swimming pool in stiletto heels, modern-day fans will have to settle for these gentler laughs.

“Honey” was the first release from Mariah’s “Butterfly” album. 25 years ago the album debuted at number one and ushered in a more sensual era for the elusive chanteuse with two number one tracks (“My All” reached the top of the charts in ’98) off of five total singles.

To caption her recreation, Mariah hilariously helped anyone who wasn’t up to speed on her catalog with the caption, “Anyone who’s confused, go watch the Honey music video on my YouTube channel 😘😘😘.”

Or you can just watch it right here and see how they did!

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