Meghan Trainor Does TikTok Video on That Charlie Puth Kiss Seven Years Later

Meghan Trainor has a playful take on her viral makeout session with Charlie Puth on the 2015 American Music Awards stage.

In a TikTok posted to the singer’s page, she reacted to her kiss with Puth seven years ago while simultaneously celebrating her proudest achievements.

Trainor danced to the viral “Hal Walker Plays the Banakulas” audio to highlight three big moments in her career. Meghan danced to her first two milestones: her song “All About That Bass” hitting No. 1 in 2014 and winning a Grammy in 2016.

However, when the words, “making the decision to kiss Charlie Puth on national television in 2015,” appeared on the screen the “Lips are Moving” artist stood still and flashed a funny face to the camera.

Back in 2015, Trainor and Charlie took the stage at the AMAs to perform their hit single “Marvin Gaye.” To mark the end of their performance, the duet partners locked in a passionate kiss that lasted a long 15 seconds. The stunt led many fans to believe the two were dating.

A few days later, Charlie told Us Weekly that there was no romantic connection between the two. “We’re best friends!” he said. “That’s another person I can relate to and I ask for advice with everything. We’re really great friends and that’s never going to change.”

The same year, Puth opened up about swapping spit with Trainor while filming the music video for the same song saying she was a “very good kisser.”

“The word ‘awkward’ never came to mind because Meghan’s a very good kisser, so I knew it wouldn’t be any problem there or anything like that. I have no problem kissing people in front of other people, but my parents, I’m like, that’s a doozy. Let’s see how this works itself out,” he told MTV at the time. “And then we had to do it five times, different angles, different lighting. They are like, ‘Let’s move this light over here.’ OK sure, and my parents were in the other room and I walked in like, ‘Hello.'”

“Everyone was cheering because I was so good at it,” Meghan added.

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