Kris Jenner Leaving This Designer Item for North West In Her Will

North West will be getting one of grandmother Kris Jenner’s most stylish possessions … an item Kim Kardashian initially thought she was getting herself.

Appearing on The Late Show with James Corden this week, Kim opened up about a gift Kris received after meeting Karl Lagerfeld at a photoshoot Kardashian did with him when she was eight months pregnant with her first daughter.

She explained the late designer “fell in love with” Kris during the shoot, after Jenner showed up all decked out in Chanel. “It’s all about Kris Jenner,” said Kim, who was expecting to get a Chanel purse from Karl after the shoot, something he’s known for doing.

“At the end of the shoot, I’m like, so excited, dying, waiting for the bag,” Kim recalled, explaining how he did leave and return with a crystal purse shaped like a LEGO.

“It was one of a kind, just a runway piece that didn’t even go into production,” she continued. “He goes over me, and hands it to my mom!”

Kardashian was a wreck after, she said, telling Corden she “went into the bathroom, started hysterically crying.” She continued, “I’m pregnant, hormonal, flew all the way to Paris for this. I call my cousin … and I’m like, ‘This bitch.'”

While Kim didn’t get the handbag, it will eventually find its way to her daughter, North.

“My mom has a provision in her will that North gets the bag, god forbid she passes away,” added Kardashian.

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