Kate Moss Reveals Johnny Depp Gifted Her First Diamonds By Pulling Them Out Of His Butt

Kate Moss opened up about the unusual way Johnny Depp went about giving her a set of diamonds — her first!

The supermodel was looking back on her most iconic looks in a YouTube video with British Vogue when she shared the novel way she was presented with the gift.

She reflected on a white John Galliano dress she wore back in 1995 when she pointed out the diamond necklace she wore with her ensemble.

“And that diamond necklace Johnny gave me, they were the first diamonds I ever owned. He pulled them out of the crack of his arse,” she shared.

“We were going out to dinner and he said, ‘I’ve got something in my bum, can you have a look,’ and I was like, ‘What?’ and I put my hand down his trousers and I pulled out a diamond necklace,” Moss pointed. “That diamond necklace.”

Johnny and Kate began dating in 1994 after meeting in a New York restaurant, they then parted ways in 1998. The former couple publicly crossed paths again when the 48-year-old testified in defense of Depp amid his defamation trial against ex-wife Amber Heard.

Read about Kate’s testimony here:

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