Jenelle Evans Returns to Teen Mom to Complain About Husband David Eason: 'I'm So Fed Up'

Three years after she was fired from “Teen Mom 2,” former star Jenelle Evans returned Tuesday night for “Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.”

Her appearance was fairly brief, as she joined Briana DeJesus and Jade Cline for a party celebrating the former’s victory in court against Kailyn Lowry — someone who Evans also had serious beef with in the past.

Before Jenelle’s arrival, Jade expressed her concerns the visit, wondering if it would be awkward between them since she was technically Evans’ replacement on the show. She also wondered whether Evans would “talk s— about me” online after the celebration. “I don’t want to be there for people that will turn around and talk s—,” she vented to a friend.

Once Evans got there, however, there was absolutely zero drama between them.

“All y’all are really nice,” said Evans as the girls did her glam for her once she arrived. “A lot of people have asked me, ‘What do you think about Jade?’ I’m like, I don’t have nothing against Jade. I was like, if Jade doesn’t say s— about me, I don’t have s— to say about her.”

Good thing too, since Jade was doing Evans’ hair with a hot straightening iron at the time.

While Evans had no issues with either Briana or Jade, she did vent about her problems at home with husband David Eason.

“Life’s been good, well not really,” she told the other women. “Me and David, we haven’t been getting along lately. I mean, it’s just on and off and it’s just the fact that — I don’t care if I share this with any of you either — it’s just the fact that he doesn’t — which everyone knows — he doesn’t have a job and I’m sitting here providing for everyone for years and it’s still the same way.”

“I’m so fed up and I’ve been giving him the cold shoulder, not talking to him,” she continued. “We text to talk now and he’ll be on the other side of my land in his shop. [5-year-old daughter Ensley’s] home with me 24/7 — she’s not in daycare so she’s with me all the time — and I’ve told David, ‘I need a break.'”

Her “break” at Briana’s was short-lived though, as she took off for the airport the morning after the party. Before heading off, she said she though Jade was “cool,” before generally defending the show’s other stars.

“What I tell people all the time, I’m like, ‘Y’all, I know all the girls personally, I don’t care if you y’all hate them, y’all don’t even know them personally, at all,'” she said. “Everyone just needs to get over it.”

Though the brief appearance did feel a bit like an audition to return to the show or the network in a bigger capacity down the line, TMZ reported last month that she and MTV couldn’t come to terms on a new contract. The site says the network wanted her exclusively, but her team believed that “would have limited other career opportunities for Jenelle.”

She’s reportedly working on a new show for another network.

Evans was fired from “Teen Mom 2” in 2019 after Eason admitted to shooting and killing the family dog. David, meanwhile, was fired from the show in 2018 for making homophobic and transphobic remarks. The two have still been posting together on social media, as recently as last month.

“Teen Mom: The Next Chapter” airs Tuesdays on MTV.

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