Horrific! Woman kills husband, enraged son strangles her to death

Haridwar: In a shocking event, a double murder took place in Uttarakhand’s Haridwar district. There was commotion in the area after a double murder occurred on Sunday in the district’s Bahadarabad police station area. A woman first murdered her husband, and then her son strangled her to death. The police arrived on the scene as soon as the incident was reported and are currently investigating the incident.

According to police reports, the double murder took place as a result of a family feud in the Margubpur village of police station Bahadarabad. According to reports, the first wife murdered her husband due to a family feud. Following this, the woman’s son murdered his mother. The deceased have been identified as Inamul Hasan, 60, and his wife, Sitara Devi, 50. According to reports, the deceased Sitara was the accused son’s stepmother.

When 22-year-old Tauhid son Inamul Haq, a resident of village Margubpur, arrived at Bahadrabad police station at around 2.30 p.m. and informed the officers, the ground shifted beneath their feet. The youth told police that his stepmother was fighting with his father in the afternoon, after which his mother attacked the father with an axe kept in the house. Multiple blows to the neck killed the father on the spot.

In rage over his father’s death, he strangled his stepmother to death with a scarf. SO Nitesh Sharma dashed towards the location after receiving this information from the youth. Outside the village house, there was a gathering. Inside the house, the blood-soaked bodies of Inamul Haque (60) and his wife Sitara (50) lay. The police also took a blood-stained axe, pillow, and sardine from the scene and placed them in custody.

According to police investigations, the deceased owned a grocery store and farmed in the village. His wife, with whom he had nine children, died of illness about ten years ago. He had married Sitara, a resident of the Saharanpur district, about two years ago, but due to a disagreement a few months ago, Sitara had returned to her maternal home. Sitara had returned on Saturday. She had an argument with her husband on Sunday morning, after which she killed him and the son killed her.

According to City Superintendent of Police Swatantra Kumar Singh, the incident appears to be the result of a domestic dispute. On Sunday morning, a squabble erupted over the preparation of tea. Aside from the accused Tauhid, a tile stoneworker by trade, his two brothers Abdul Kalam and Khushnaseeb were present at the time of the incident and are also eyewitnesses.

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