FITIS applauds govt for lifting suspension

The Federation of Information Technology Industry Sri Lanka (FITIS) applauds the Government and allied authorities for lifting the temporary suspension of computer / IT hardware products, last week.

“It spreads a lot of positive messages across the member companies and channels partners in the IT sphere across the country and has brought about lots of energy back to the IT Industry.”

FITIS previously highlighted the consequences given the suspension imposed and the impacts on the technological backbone and economy across our Nation. Whilst highlighting the issues, FITIS lobbied their concerns to relevant authorities and officials. ICTA too played a pivotal role in communicating the concerns enumerated by FITIS to the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of

Technology, Treasury/ Department of Trade & Investment Policy in parallel given its stature as the apex agency for IT, in addition to FITIS’s solo pursuits. Further many other bodies such as EDB, Chambers, Industry Associations and other ICT bodies in industry etc. all came together as

“One”, to reinforce FITIS’s humble plea.

“Thus, FITIS wishes to expresses its deep gratitude and thanks to all who rallied around for the greater interest of the sustenance of the ICT and all dependent industries here in Sri Lanka.”

This move enables all of our member organizations and their allied partners to have sufficient stocks to cater to the day-to- day requirements of the Industry in order to keep the technology backbone alive and up to date.

Dr. Prasad Samarasinghe Chairman of FITIS said “I am happy for the lift of the temporary suspension and our objective is to assure that enough products are available to maintain the current technology ecosystems. Now we need to find solutions for US$ issues for imports. We realized and analyzed the consequences and alerted the relevant authorities about the impact of the ban and, now we hope our members and channels partners will focus on the stock’s availability in the country.

“As the apex Body of ICT, we have managed our members and channels partners very professionally by providing real updates, keeping them in comfortable zone with great trust on the Authorities. I want to thank everyone who really put their effort in lifting this temporary suspension.”FITIS CEO Dinesh Sattrukalsinghe said.

“We are still facing US$ shortages for our imports, so the short supply situation of the products will continue for some time. We started our internal discussion on this US$ issue and hope we will get a positive result in due course,” Gnanam Sellathurrai, President HW Chapter FITIS stated.

by Daily News Sri Lanka

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