Delhi: Manish Sisodia assess the impact of Deshbhakti curriculum

New Delhi: Through the Kejriwal Government’s Deshbakti Curriculum students of Delhi Government Schools are not only becoming staunch patriots but are getting inspired to choose their careers and work hard to achieve them. The children are getting to learn the various aspects of patriotism and to love the country, its people, and its resources. To assess the impact of the curriculum on children and inspect the activities of Deshbhakti Classes, Deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister Manish Sisodia visited Sarvodaya Co-ed Vidyalaya No. 3, on Friday. He also interacted with teachers and students to know their experiences.

On this occasion,Manish Sisodia said that the Deshbhakti curriculum is inculcating the spirit to serve the nation in our children. The curriculum is helping students in class 11th-12th to choose the right career paths and work hard for them. He said, “Many children have shared that the Deshbhakti class is also giving them the inspiration to prepare better for the exam and work diligently on their careers.”

What students have to say about the Deshbhakti Curriculum

During the visit, students shared their experiences of the Deshbhakti Curriculum with the Deputy Chief Minister. They said that the curriculum has taught them to be responsible citizens as well as focus on their future goals.

During the interaction, a Class 11 student, Pushpa said, “In Class 11, we start thinking about our career prospects and start working on it. In such a situation, the Deshbhakti curriculum has taught me to work hard for my career, and fulfill my dreams. I read in the Deshbhakti Curriculum how our freedom fighters dreamed of making India free and fulfilled that dream even by sacrificing their lives. It inspires me that I too can fulfill my dreams by working hard.”

Another student, Aditya said, “In class 11th-12th, we start thinking about becoming doctors, engineers, teachers, software professionals, entrepreneurs, etc. To fulfill these career aspirations, we start working hard for our own growth. But the Deshbhakti curriculum has taught us how we can work for the progress of the country along with our profession and progress.

What is Kejriwal Government’s Deshbhakti Curriculum

The Kejriwal Government’s Deshbhakti Curriculum aims to instill the spirit of patriotism and nationhood among every child studying in the Delhi government schools. The curriculum was started for the students from Class nursery to 12th. This unique curriculum has been designed as per the understanding and mindset of students. It allows them to interact with each other and understand the true meaning of patriotism. This curriculum gives children a chance to reflect upon themselves and helps them understand their love for the country in a better way.

The aim of this course is also to prepare students to take the responsibility of solving the problems of the country on their shoulders.

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