Delayed development projects to be reviewed

The committee appointed by the government has decided to hold weekly meetings and provide solutions for the implementation delayed development projects.

The committee appointed under the leadership of the Prime Minister’s Secretary Anura Dissanayake, will act to solve problems faced by each development project.

Accordingly, there are obstacles in bringing raw materials to Sri Lanka for certain development

projects. Funds received for some development projects are insufficient. More development projects have been adversely affected by increased prices. After studying these matters, the

committee has to meet to speed up the projects and take steps to provide necessary assistance and to remove legal obstacles.

All ministries and departments related to development projects including the Presidential Secretariat, the Prime Minister’ Office, the Ministry of Finance, Economic Stabilization and National Policy, and all contractors, should be made to participate in this, and steps should be taken to expedite the procedure.


by Daily News Sri Lanka

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