Daring or Daredevil? Dale Ventures’ CEO speaks out about investment planning

Dale Ventures’ CEO speaks out about investment planning

Investing has long been shrouded in mystery for many, but for Dale W. Wood, investing is in his very nature. The serial investor founded a company with the sole purpose of investing in
budding entrepreneurs and stellar ideas. One recent investment, through his firm Dale
Ventures, gave a groundbreaking company the money needed to launch what has become oneof the leading software licensing and delivery models for the insurance field in Europe.

Dale Ventures may have invested $1 million into the company, but Wood says the key to
successful investing is to not put all of your eggs in one basket. Dale Ventures has stakes in anumber of companies scattered across the globe and across industries, including real estate,technology, media, and, of course, business services. The firm has continued to steadily investin world-changing ideas – even at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic – because “good ideasdon’t simply stop… In harsh conditions, only the best ideas come to fruition,” Wood said.

When asked about one of the common mistakes that new entrepreneurs make,Woodsimply
replied, “Looking for deep pockets is not enough. You can have millionaires pouring money intoyour company, but the fact is that if the investor doesn’t care enough for your product and all they are looking for is a return on their investment – then it’s not a sustainable model.”

Venture capitalists don’t just throw money into ideas they think could work, they need to nurtureideas and grow leaders. Many investors are industry experts in their own right, and failing tooffer valuable insight into how a company can grow may be all it takes to doom it from the start.

Dale W. Wood has a knack for recognizing talent and helping it to grow. This natural instinctsets him apart from someone who simply knows a good idea when they hear one. It is one thing to recognize potential, but it’s quite another to guide it on its way to becoming a sustainable business that can profit in the long run and benefit the community it was designed for.

“When people ask me what’s the limit, I tell them there is no limit. You are the only limit. There isno idea too small, or budget too big if you believe in your product. But this is where people oftenget confused – just because someone believes in something doesn’t make it great. Oftentimes,people forget to consider the current market and the state of the world.

“Did you think that the greatest inventors of our time were hailed as geniuses in their
generation? Being overly futuristic can be both a burden and a boon. On one hand, future
generations can reap the seeds you’ve sown. On the other, your peers might think you fanatical.But everyone starts somewhere.”

Wood is keen to share his vision and thoughts with both his own mentees and the investmentcommunity as a whole. This eagerness to nurture entrepreneurs with high potential has paid off in dividends, both from a business perspective and a personal one. By sharing knowledge,
guiding the way, and recognizing a path forward, Wood and other passionate mentors are
guiding the minds that will bring us the next best big innovation.

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