Clueless Star Stacey Dash Breaks Down on TikTok After Learning DMX Died a Year Ago

Social media blew up with “Clueless” jokes on Wednesday night, after star Stacey Dash posted an emotional video reacting to the nearly 17-month-old news DMX had died.

In her post, she explained that she had been scrolling through TikTok and found a “DMX song that has saved me many times.” On the post, she noticed the creator had added an #RIP hashtag — which finally alerted her to the news the rapper died.

“I know I am late, I did not know he passed away, he #OD I am heartbroken,” she captioned her post, “He was such a great guy.” She added the hashtags #devestated [sic], #staceydash #fyp and #sober.

In the video, where she’s seen breaking down in tears, she said, “Okay y’all. I’m ashamed I didn’t know. I didn’t know DMX died, I didn’t know, from a cocaine overdose.”

“I am today six years and one month clean,” she added. “It breaks my heart, breaks my heart he lost to it. He lost. He lost to that demon of addiction. Please, please don’t lose.”

Her video was flooded with comments like, “This brings in a whole new meaning to Clueless” and “Is this the trailer for Clueless 2.” Dash herself responded to one follower who wrote, “Yes he been passed away” — replying, “Question. Yo! How can so many people not have ears to HEAR????”

One popular response to that question: “well apparently you ain’t got no ears to HEAR he passed a year ago…ughhhhh.”

The rapper suffered a heart attack following a cocaine overdose in April 2021. After being in a coma for a week, he died in a hospital at the age of 50.

Dash’s video quickly went viral and, not long after it went up, was picked up by The Shade Room’s Instagram page. In their post’s comments, Tyrese Gibson wrote, “Ain’t no way this is real.” Michael Rapaport added, “WTF.”

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